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Rezora Lakes
In Oyun Musa – Ras Sidr, Rezora Lakes offers fully finished palaces, villas and chalets on the waterfront in several configurations starting from 45 sq m, and the option to finish with Smart Home Systems. The designs are ultramodern and the resort offers facilities to make your stay a memorable one.
Country: Egypt
Location: Oyun Musa
Website: www.rezoralakes.com

Architecture: Ultramodern Design
Unit Type: chalets, small villas, big villas & Palaces
Unit Areas: 55m² - 97m² – 110m² – 170m² - 220m² - 358m²
Completion Date: 12/2014
Finishing: fully-finished, ability for finishing with smart home system or fully furnished and equipped unit.

- Aqua Park
- Beachfront units
- Soothing Green Landscape
- Lakes & fountains
- Garden sound system
- Retail area and Auto-Stop
- In & Out water parks
- Hotel & Hospitality
- Swimming pool
- Water Sports
- Sports area
- Health Club & SPA
- Waterfront Shopping Mall
- Food Court
- Property Management
- 24/7 Security Services
- Medical Center
- Bedouin Nights
- Kid's playing area



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Watch map, master plan, choose your unit and destination.

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